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French films found online via an online search for 'Films français intégraux' (Full-length French Films)

Thomas and Thomas are going through a rough patch: they are both thirty-something actors living in Paris. They randomly decide to leave the city and fly away to Kullorsuaq, one of the most remote villages of Greenland, where Thomas' father Nathan lives. Among the Inuit community, they will discover the charms of the local customs and their friendship will be challenged.Type your paragraph here.

Edith, a 45-year-old textile factory worker, sees her life turned upside down by the company's downsizing measures. Estranged from her son and without any other ties, rather than go into unemployment, she decides to leave her life behind and follow her work at the factory which has been relocated in Morocco.

Samy Dhiakate, a jobless young man living in the rundown La Courneuve commune of Paris, is in love with his childhood friend Nadia. She refuses to date him because she doesn't believe he will commit to more than a fling with her. When Samy asks what he can do to prove himself, Nadia sarcastically suggests he should try and climb Mt Everest to earn her love. Such begins Samy's journey.